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Undercover Rasta is a Tampa based band with a wildly entertaining and energetic show blending Funk, Rock, Pop and Soul that is mostly rooted in Reggae to get your heart pumping and your feet moving.

Contact Information

Bookings, Press or General Info: 
or (727) 482-4457

Band Logo
Band members

Paul Young - Lead Vocals, guitar

Brett Sharbaugh - Bass

Eric Layana - Drums

Doug Hasell - Harmonica, Percussions

Kevin Barrow - Lead Guitar


Undercover Rasta has been the top rated Reggae/Ska band in the greater Tampa bay area for the past 2 years. Undercover Rasta has been playing private and corporate events, clubs, concerts and festivals with it's own blend of soul, funk, pop and rock that is most rooted in Reggae. The band released it's debut album in 2021 with 13 tracks and is currently working on a 2nd album to be released soon. Initially formed in 2016 by the bandleader Paul Young, the band is based out of Palm Harbor, Florida. The first two years saw many changes but the band stabilized and found its sound when Brett "The Viking" Sharbaugh joined in 2018. With the chops to throw it down with the best of the Roots bands, Undercover Rasta has proven to be very versatile bringing in other forms of Jamaica's rich musical heritage to the forefront. Mento, Lover's Rock and Rock Steady are clearly at the foundation of the some of their tracks while others employ a Bluesy feel featuring a harmonica as the lead instrument. Reminiscent of the early days of the Reggae, Undercover Rasta is not afraid to take on current social issues while at the same time promoting the principles of love and justice. 

The core of the band is made up of primarily "islanders". Paul is from Jamaica. Brett is from the US Virgin Islands. Doug Hasell is from Michigan (but recognizes Jamaica as his other home). The newest members: Eric Layana and Kevin Barrow are both from Palm Harbor, FL.


Compilation Promo Video

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